Get it on more devices: iOS is here!

We have finally finalized porting of our first application for iPhone and iPad devices. The supported platforms are all from iOS version 6.0 onwards. The 7.0 is to be tested still carefully, but based on initial tests, all look good and we have submitted the application for Apple's review.

UPDATE Sep 26, 2013: Apple has approved our application and it is Ready for Sale.

  • ILOapps is Available on the App Store

And yes, the first application will be "Formula Car Game Premium for iOS". This is a paid application with tier-2 pricing and a specific non-analytics version of the game so that it complies with the "Made for Kids" specific category tag in the Appstore. We hope it will approved as such and no need to make any changes to it. But we will see: hope for the best and keep our fingers crossed.

Welcome Apple!

New Game: Kids Rally Car Racing

New game from ILOapps has been published and is waiting for deployments to different marketplaces and devices.

The game is actually based on same game and graphics engine as we used in Android Formula Car Game. However, the game play has been changed and the actual game contents is different excluding the use of similar upgrades (worked fine.. so why to change?).

Introduction video of Kids Rally Car Racing - © 2013 ILOapps - Download at Google Play

For this game, we also introduced our first game with Google Play Game Services including global leaderboard (compete against your friends) and game achievements. There is currently 5 achievements in the game, but more is about to come later.

Try it now! It is FREE and is suitable to everyone.

Beta Testing Group

A new Google Group for ILOapps Beta testing has been created. The group is for closed members only, but feel free to join (apply via email or website).

This group is intended to discuss and report bugs for our new released that can be provided for Beta testing via Google Play or by other means to other platforms (such as desktop or iOS).


Web page:!forum/iloapps-beta-testing

Group email:

One Million Downloads!

Thank you friends! Thanks fans!

We have reached a fantastic milestone: Over 1 Million Downloads of our kids games as of today!

This is just awesome. No more words.. THANKS!

Major update: Formula Car Game

Formula One F1 Grand Prix season 2013 is about to start. In less than a few days, the first Grand Prix will take place in Melbourne, Australia.

Is Sebastian Vettel still in the position with his Red Bull to win his fourth title? Or is McLaren or Ferrari or why not Lotus able to bring winning car this year. This remains to be seen.
How does Lewis Hamilton perform against his tough team mate Nico Rosberg in a new team. How is Mercedes performing this year after a bit of disappointing last season.
Is Lotus-Renault continuing their magnificient walk to the glory with their clear star and number one driver, Kimi Raikkonen?

We at ILOapps look forward to upcoming season and will be watching the first Grand Prix from the first practices tomorrow until chequered flag on Sunday. We put our money in favor of Kimi.. Let's see how it goes :)

So.. we are happy to announce a new Android Formula Car Game release!

See change notes of GooglePlay below:

ANDROID FORMULA CAR GAME - simple, addictive and fun formula racing game for kids! FREE!

Updated to celebrate start of season 2013!! Who is going to win this year? Sebastian, Fernando, Jenson or Kimi?

- new graphics engine; improved performance and bug fixes
- added upgrades: change car, fuel boost, stealth mode, fly mode, etc.
- graphical improvements
- fixed error that caused game to crash for some devices
- gives correct message when fuel rans out
- improvements to car steering when using buttons
- other bug fixes